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credit: BjÖrn Huber  

This artifact was recovered by the West Mojave Aviation Arhaeology Team from the crash site of 
NASA/USAF X-15#3 serial number 56-6672. This aerospace vehicle was lost on reentry from outer 
space on 15 November 1967. The wreckage field lies North of the town of Johannesburg in the 
Mojave Desert of California.
R.G. Frazier Founder, West Mojave Aviation Archaeology Team April, 2001

This is an actual piece of wreckage from the NASA/USAF X-15#3 which crashed in the Mojave
Desert of California during flight 191 on the 15th November 1967 destroyng the aircraft and
claiming the life of pilot Major Michael J. Adams.

Glass Instrumentation Fragment

Last 60th second...

Major Michael J. Adams
credit: NASA
credit: NASA

A 40th anniversary X-15 cover flown over Edwards AFB by pilot Joe Engle.
It is signed by former X-15 pilots, Engle, Scott Crossfield, Pete Knight and Bill Dana.
This one is number 327 of 1500 flown.

credit: NASA

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