sabato 12 marzo 2011

Apollo Hardware

Kennedy Space Center  
Control panel

Kennedy Space Center   
Launch Control Room Selector Swtch

Saturn Instrument Unit (I.U.)
Guidance and control Computer

Electrical Cable LUT

Apollo Lunar Module Manual
Fuel Fill Vent Disconnect Coupling

CM Block 1 Lithium Storage

Apollo Block 1 Micro Switch 

Control Unit Liquid Level

Coaxial switch/relay  Instrument Unit

Electrical Umbelical Connector

LM/CM Warning Tape

LM hardware

LM Electronic connector

LM Union

LM  Oxygen Adapters

LM Tubing Section

Lunar sample collection bag

Lunar sample cylindrical bag

Drink  packaging

Hard Hat

LM-2  Kapton foil


Alsep live data from the Moon

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